Der Prototyp

The present location

Adolf-Kolping-Str. 2, 54470 Bernkastel-Kues

Technical data

vehicles`model limousine, 2-door
for 4 persons
Aufbau monocoque closed all-steel bodywork (patent application) with high-adjustable undercarriage (patent application) and independent suspension
size ca. 4000 x 1700 x 1600 mm
brakes drum brake, all around
wheels steel rims, 19 inch
electrical system 6 V
from DKW F4
692 ccm / 20 HP
3 gear box
from VW-beetle
1200 ccm / 30 HP
4 gear box
speed about 100 km/h
weight 684 kg
laden weight 1034 kg
special qualities at that time
  • streamlined shape
  • height-adjustable body (Patent)
  • full-adjustable drivers`seat (Patent)
  • adaptive headlights
  • interchangeable wheels housing covering at the back. Both variants are still available.

Adolf Hitler wanted a vehicle for the masses in the early 30`es. He stipulated some preconditions for that vehicle by an announcement in 1933:

  • closed bodywork
  • room for 4 persons
  • freeway-suitable
  • rear engine
  • 990,- RM at most

The qualified engineer Friedrich Eugen Maier got 300.000 Goldmark for the development from a not further specified company located in Munich, the development of Leichtbau (lightweight) Maier.

The vehicles`story

  • 1933 The Project `Leichtbau Maier` started just in the year of the announcement, as well in which Maier a patent application for that vehicle has filed. That was a milestone an is fundamental for all today`s limousine.
  • 1935 The vehicle is finished and the belonging patent application was published. because of dissensions between Mr. Maier and the NS regime were his finished project denied.
  • 1936 One year later collected the government his company grounds and the path-breaking car rested unnoticed on the Sömmeringstreet 30.
  • 1943 The car were considerable damaged during a bomb attack.
  • bis 1954 The car rested on the Sömmeringstreet.
  • 1954 - 1959 The car was stored in the Darwin-garages on the Quitzowstreet in Berlin.
  • 1959 - 1976 The car was stored in the former cowsheds on the Gierkeplatz in Berlin. 1974/75 appeared the car in the movie `Tadellöser und Wolff. It was still unrestored.
  • 1976 The wreck of that car was sold by his daughter to a movie-equipment company in Berlin.

If you are interested in Mr. Maiers`life, read `the inventor`. If you are rather interested in that car, read `finder`.